A sunny rooftop bar pie, filled with crazy golf, softball and a gin that changes lives

This Life Recipe reveals how you can enjoy one of London’s most interesting rooftop bars and a brand new gin that changes lives around the world, for less.

1 x ticket to the One Gin launch party at Roof East (£20)
1 x bottle of One Gin to drink at home (£37.95)
Total £57.95

I’ve always enjoyed searching through Time Out, lifestyle blogs and event apps to find the best deals for unusual and exciting events and new products. A recent addition to this has been checking out the latest event listings on websites like designmynight.com and scrolling through the often-inspiring creations on Crowdfunder. If you’ve been on these sites recently, you may have seen quite a bit of noise around One Drinks’ brand new ethical One Gin.

This new craft gin from the UK’s leading ethical drinks brand aims to help One raise £20 million for clean water projects by 2020, changing millions of lives in the world’s poorest communities. After launching a successful Crowdfunder campaign in April/May to fund their first-batch of 70cl bottles, One Gin invited supporters and members of the public to a launch party to celebrate at Roof East – one of London’s newest (and certainly most interesting) rooftop bars, just across the road from Stratford station.

Roof final

Tickets for the launch event were only £20 on Crowdfunder and designmynight.com (I should probably mention now that I was very lucky to have been invited for free as I work for One!). This included entry to a VIP area and bar, plenty of One Gin & tonics, freshly baked pizza and a range of rooftop activities (not bad for just £20!).

I arrived at Roof East at 6pm to glorious sunshine. This large rooftop bar is a bit of a suntrap, which they’ve taken full advantage of by offering dozens of deckchairs for people to recline in on a sunny evening like this. Now Roof East is quite different from the usual rooftop bars in London. This former rooftop car park is filled with a mini golf course, an open air cinema, ‘hip-hop inspired’ lawn bowls, softball cages, pop up bars, street food trucks and cars that have been recycled to become very unusual plant pots.

I had a great time testing out all of these activities in the sun, whilst dipping in and out of the One Gin VIP area to get my next glass of their unique take on the classic gin and tonic. I love a G&T. This has been a favourite drink of mine for many years. But when One ‘sage’ Gin is served with Peter Spanton no.9 Cardamom Tonic Water, a slice of apple and a fresh sage leaf – now that’s special. A deliciously refreshing G&T that may even be a little bit too easy to drink.


So what’s special about the gin? Well – beyond the fact that every bottle funds clean water projects, this gin is in a whole other class of its own. Handcrafted at the Blackdown Distillery in Sussex, One Gin is created through a two shot distillation method. The first is a London Dry style with 9 core botanicals (juniper, nutmeg, cassia bark, angelica, coriander seed, lemon, liquorice, orris root and orange), and the second sees the addition of a quintessentially British signature botanical, sage, which is foraged from the grounds of the distillery.

Gin 1

The distinctly unique gin is handcrafted in small batches in an alembic copper still and then seven-times filtered for a remarkably smooth finish. The result is an original British gin with savoury notes of black tea from the marriage of juniper and sage. I’m sure that you’ll agree it also has a beautiful bottle (mine stands proudly as a feature on top of my fireplace) with a design that reflects One’s butterfly effect – as every time you purchase a bottle, you’re helping to change lives on the other side of the world.

Gin 2

After a jam-packed evening of basking in the sun, playing giant Jenga and chatting with journalists, One supporters and members of the public over lots of ethical G&Ts – I was ready to call it a night. I’ll definitely be returning to Roof East again this summer, especially now I’ve seen that they also run morning yoga classes, live music nights and special film screenings.

At the end of this Life Recipe, I’m very excited to reveal that you can now make your very own life-changing gin and tonics at home by picking up a bottle of One Gin in UK airports at World Duty Free or online at The Gin Parlour. An extraordinarily ‘ginspirational’ way to help fund water projects around the world. Cheers to that!

Gin header

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